Landscaping Contractor

Why do you need a local landscaping service?

Landscaping isn’t easy. It’s tough manual work, and if you aren’t trained to do it correctly you can ruin your landscape. We’ve seen improper drainage destroy a yard. In the Northwest, that isn’t a mistake you want to make.

As professional landscapers, we work with property owners to shape their landscape into one they love.

As experienced landscapers, we know how to do it correctly, efficiently, and account for variations in weather, hillside slopes, and materials so that your landscaping can stand the test of time.  At Clark County Landscaping we don’t just landscape; we create the yard you’ve always wanted.

Complete Landscaper Services

Clark County Landscaping offers complete landscaping and yard maintenance services. Getting the landscape you want is only the beginning, maintaining it is the hard part. We provide all essential maintenance services:

  • Lawn mowing
  • Hedge trimming
  • Shrub pruning
  • Mulching and replanting
  • And so much more


For homeowners in need of experienced landscape maintenance, give us a call today!


What can our landscapers do for you?

Landscape cleanup prevents problems later in the year. We offer full landscape cleanup services. These include seasonal cleanups, tree removal, gutter cleaning, and debris removal. When these areas are left alone they can lead to leaks in your home or foundation, dead grasses, and pest problems like rodents, termites, and bees. That’s because a landscaping contractor doesn’t just protect your yard, they protect your home.

Landscaping services beautify your yard. We can landscape your existing yard or maintain your current landscape. As a landscaping contractor, we are equipped and licensed to perform even large scale tasks like earth moving and field mowing. Our equipment is maintained and logged so that it’s always guaranteed to work correctly. Just some of the ways our landscapers do this:

  • Plant trees, bushes, flowers, and install accents like rockeries.
  • Prune trees and plants for growth, stability, or to maintain health during dark winter months.
  • Mow your yard and edge your lawn for a clean and sharp look.
  • Apply beauty bark and pressure wash concrete areas as well as rockeries.

Contact us for landscaping services today.

We can create customized, variable landscaping packages and schedules that meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for a complete landscape redesign or simple lawn care, our landscaping business scales to meet your needs. Get the landscaping you need. Call or contact us today.

We provide our service to various locations. When you need lawn maintenance, give us a call!