Lawn Maintenance Battle Ground

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Lawn Maintenance in Battle Ground by Clark County Landscaping

There are a lot of landscaping contractors available. It’s an easy start-up business. That’s why you want to choose a well-reviewed and vetted lawn care company. We don’t barrel in and landscape your yard without speaking to you first. The way you use your lawn is different than your neighbor. Relaxation, play and show lawns all have different maintenance needs.

If your landscaper doesn’t understand your needs, they cannot maintain your lawn correctly. We take the time that others don’t. That’s why so many Battle Ground residents choose Clark County Landscaping to maintain their lawns. We go the distance so your lawn can grow the distance.

Why should you hire a professional lawn maintenance company?

It’s easy to consider your lawn a DIY job. That’s only if you don’t mind losing your weekends, learning about lawn care product advantages and disadvantages, the purchase, and maintenance of equipment, reading books on grass growth, seasonal maintenance, grass types, fertilizers, and much more.

Lawn care is involved and highly scientific. It requires our technicians to practice their craft and study constantly. You don’t have to devote your spare time to become a lawn expert. We do it for you. We’re passionate about lawn maintenance, and no matter how you use it, we’ll make sure it’s the best lawn it can be.

  • We prune trees and shrubs in order to support stability and health.
  • Our company only uses commercial equipment. This provides better results than cheaper solutions.
  • Maintenance services may include aeration, dethatching, re-seeding, and fertilization.
  • We have total knowledge of Northwest weed varieties. Our landscapers can leave non-hazardous native plant species alone.
  • Cleanups are available on your timeline. Get them regularly, each season, or after storm season ends.

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It’s easy to restore your lawn’s health and maintain it. It just takes a phone call to Clark County Landscaping. We meet all or of your lawn landscaping needs in Battle Ground. Save time, save money, and get the beautiful lawn you’ve been dreaming of. Call or contact us today!

We also provide our lawn maintenance in Vancouver, Ridgefield, Camas, and anywhere in between! Give us a call today!